Lesley Dutch Babies (Pre-School) Dance Class


Pre-School Dance Classes

Dancing classes for all ages. Offering a variety of dance styles for children and adults in East Kilbride and Giffnock.

This is a class for pre-school children both boys and girls which introduces them to dancing. Class details

Lesley Dutch The Associates

The Associates

S5 to Young Adult Dance Classes

By the time pupils enter this group they are at the end stage of their school education and the dance classes are a good opportunity to get away from the books for a couple of hours but still do something constructive. Class details


Primary 1-6 Dance Classes

These classes help to build on the skills developed in the Babies group and develop new skills for those who join at this later stage. Class details

Adult Dance Classes

Adult Dance Classes

Adult Dance Classes

This group is made up of more mature adults who have not necessarily danced before. Class details


P7 to Senior 4 Dance Classes

These classes further develop the skills learnt in the earlier groups and follow the BATD curriculum through the Gold, Blue Riband, 1st Award, 2nd Award and 3rd Award in all disciplines. Class details

Lesley Dutch School of Dance Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet

BATD Ballet Dance Classes

As Ballet is the building block of most dance styles the dance school is delighted to offer classes in classical ballet. Class details

Lesley Dutch

Lesley Dutch



January 2017 – Hi everyone, Hope you had a fantastic time over the holidays! Just a reminder that classes start back from Saturday 7th January. Look forward to seeing you then x

August 2016 – Fantastic first week back at the dancing! It has been great to see everyone back this week and a big welcome to all our new starts! What a great effort from you all this week xxx

June 2016 – Outstanding performance from all the girls at the Village Theatre on Saturday, couldn’t have been more proud of them all. Everytime they perform their dedication to dance, the school and their team shine through. They have great team members and dance teachers who provide support, fun, team atmosphere and great choreography, in my opinion, is the greatest ingredients of something special!!!


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